Michal Levin – Visionary Teacher, Intuitive, Guide and Artist


Visual art has been important to me since childhood – not that I have always painted. I haven’t. But how things “look” has always mattered enormously, and seeing beauty has been a constant quest. Of course I haven’t looked for conventional beauty, not at all. But I have craved something else. The beauty I seek is there to be seen in a myriad ways, which speak to me in their different voices.

Recently I have begun to try to express my work through the modality of painting, in a deliberate effort. My aim is to transmit the same energy I offer to those I work with, through my paintings. At the same time I aim to penetrate another dimension.

There is much more I could say here – but what I am describing is an experience. You have a chance to find out what I mean if you purchase one or more of the giclee prints I have had specially made of some of my pictures. Look at the paintings yourself. You can see them here.

Before COVID I was planning to offer original framed pictures in an exhibition at the Brighton Artists Open Houses Festival, that was then cancelled. If you’d like to discuss framed originals please contact Ros Ward at rosward16@gmail.com


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