Mentoring - About Michal

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Michal Levin has been called the intuitive's intuitive by the thousands of people who, over the years, have benefited from her highly professional mentoring.

Michal Levin possesses a unique talent or gift.

* she has razor-sharp intuition and insight, and those qualities are distinct from ordinary intelligence

* she has unusually superior judgment, discernment and a profound grasp of complex situations, supported both by intuition and hard experience, enabling her to provide very sound practical, psychological and professional advice to clients

* she enables her clients, without judgment on her part, to address important and difficult questions about the conduct and meaning of their lives

* she uses her own superb intuition, and other qualities, for the ultimate good and well-being of her client, and the greater good

Michal Levin is the trading name of Michal Levin Ltd, Company no. 97638388, Registered in England and Wales, Registered address: Ground Floor, Southon House, Station Approach, Edenbridge, Kent TN8 5LP UK

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