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About Michal

My work is my way of offering my Truth: that is the deepest, most profound Truth that I can access from all the levels that I am able to reach. I make this offer for the benefit of my clients and their personal evolution. Over the years, since the 1990s when I was propelled – it was certainly not something I planned or sought – into this work, it has developed and deepened, finding expression in many forms while holding very closely to the initial channeled guidance I received, and an ever more profound adherence to the world within.

My career began as a successful BBC/Channel 4 current affairs journalist, with little experience of the so-called spiritual environment. Later, after an entirely unsought dark night of the soul that I describe in my book ‘The Pool of Memory: The Autobiography of an Unwilling Intuitive’, I worked as a hands-on healer before progressing into my role as an intuitive and then slowly acknowledging my path as a spiritual teacher.

In a parallel process, that started a little while after “The Pool of Memory” was published and continued for many years, I mentored multinational professionals, lawyers, creatives, entrepreneurs, the media, academics, medical professionals and a host of others. The topics we dealt with ranged from high-level negotiations, business strategy, and leadership or succession issues, to highly personal issues including spiritual development.

Then on reaching my early 60s, I turned away from my mentoring role, to concentrate specifically on my work as a spiritual teacher and intuitive. Today I offer individual intuitive readings to clients to help them become their most whole and complete selves, and work with groups in an intuitive capacity aiming always at personal evolution, including spiritual growth. My clients come from all backgrounds, including those with religious beliefs and those with none. I work equally with those who have a sophisticated understanding or practice of energy, and those who have no experience of those ideas or practices.

Over the years I have offered a wide range of teachings, beginning with ‘The Line of the Light’, my earliest set of channeled talks (delivered in 1996/7). Other courses I have taught have been highly structured, like the series of seminars I gave at Penn State Medical School for medical professionals on implementing and understanding the mechanics of energy in their work. Or ‘The Core Curriculum’ (Series 1 – 3), an advanced set of courses for professionals and those wanting to experience my ideas around energetic and spiritual development.

I also offer an online course, ‘The Soul’s Path’ for those who want to begin to explore working with me. It offers participants the added benefit of linking up with someone who has worked extensively with me to discuss the content. I have and do work with people from all around the world, including teaching retreats in the UK, USA, Canada, Europe, and Jordan.

There are currently a set of ongoing, in-depth groups led by me and held over the web/on the phone. If you would like to join a group, find out more here.

An important part of my work is meditation. Many years ago, I devised the LEAP Meditation, a unique form of Meditation, fundamentally different to the widespread idea of meditation and ‘mindfulness’. The core difference is that it gives practitioners true access to their deeper dimensions, and helps to reveal and release the blocks in their lives in a very particular way. There is a twice monthly online meditation group for those who have worked with me and are keen to connect in this way.

There is also another way in which I offer my energy, and my Truth. It is a way that is very dear to my heart. Visual art has always been important to me, and I have begun to offer some of my paintings as another means to transmit my energy. In painting, my aim is to offer a finer vibration, as it is in teaching, and to help enable the viewer to penetrate another dimension of being, as well as to simply enjoy the paintings. For many they are very powerful tools or “energy transmitters”. The paintings on this website are taken from a selection I offer as Giclee prints and are available here.

As well as all this I am the devoted mother of two successful children, now adults of course, and grandmother of five. Within my work, the clients and students who work with me are part of my ‘Values Family’. Irrespective of our birth families, we all share the aim of adhering to the fundamental values that underpin my work and include the importance of respecting difference, the nature of truth, and interconnection which ultimately binds all our fates together, and transcends any hierarchy or bid for supremacy. All members of the Values Family appreciate the mutual support and openness when we meet on calls or in Retreats, while continuing with our individual lives and processes.

I am the author of four books in this area, including ‘The Pool of Memory, The Autobiography of an Unwilling Intuitive’, ‘Spiritual Intelligence: Awakening The Power of Your Spirituality And Intuition’, a guide to allowing the spiritual dimension into your everyday life, and ‘Meditation: Path To The Deepest Self’ a guide to the LEAP Meditation and much more.

Sometimes, clients are drawn to working with me without really knowing why, but perhaps feeling something vital lacking in their lives. Others have a very definite idea of what they would like to address. It makes no difference why you come to me, I do my best to offer all I can when we connect.

I do not solicit my clients for referrals, though new clients often come by word of mouth.

Whatever your situation, I look forward to connecting and working with you. My work is usually conducted by telephone or over the internet. My intuition is just as effective over the telephone as in person; indeed, audio sessions are sometimes even more effective.

I look forward to connecting when the time is right for you. You can contact me by email:

Go well, be well.

My Friend Michal Levin is a guide to the ultimate secret, the secret of who and what you truly are…in the deepest, highest part of you.

Ken Wilbur, Author, Philosopher, USA

This may sound overblown but it is exactly how I feel. I feel very fortunate to have met Michal early in my adult life, 30 years ago, and to have benefited from her extraordinary perception and her complex, sublime teachings ever since. My scared inner being has unfurled and gained courage, inspiration and much more from this work over the years.

It has been both an anchor and a wonderful path to follow. It has helped me to blossom at work and in my private life and to glimpse, then work with the deeper dimensions of myself, acknowledging the beauty of who I am, while at the same time illuminating my issues and darkness too. She is utterly compassionate and wholehearted in wanting what is best for you, but resolute that you follow your own path and not shy away from painful truths.

Michal’s meditation was, and continues to be, a revelation to me shaping how I see and am in the world. Michal’s consultations and retreats cut to the core of your being and allow you to see the totality of who you are. There is also a growing sense for me that all that we do with Michal, in groups or individual readings, has a wider resonance too. I feel that our work on our individual selves connects with all others at the same time, and that her work is profoundly for the greater good. 

Now, her beautiful paintings give another opportunity to penetrate your heart and to feel the finer vibrations that Michal offers. She is a precious, too-hidden gem with no interest in being a ‘guru’, but an adherence to values and to a way of being and seeing that the world sorely needs. I feel that we are on a journey that never ends with what Michal offers, and that there is a constant joy to the deepening. I could not ask for a truer guide and teacher than Michal and I am extremely grateful to her.

Ros Ward, TV & Radio Producer, UK

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