Michal Levin – Visionary Teacher, Intuitive Guide and Artist


Thank you for visiting this site which is dedicated to my work.

I began this work nearly 30 years ago. Today I am often known as the “intuitive’s intuitive“, while for many years I was also known as an international mentor for professional and exceptional individuals.

Today I work largely with groups of different sizes, and individuals, concentrating on personal evolution which is inextricably bound to the well being of all beings and our universe. Personal evolution is the developmental path we each follow towards a more whole, and greater state, including the development of our intuition and creativity, always rooted in a fundamental spirituality (nothing to do with religion) and sound values. Looking at the issues our lives throw up, and answering those questions, is an important part of the work.

My work emerged from channelled information I received in the 1990s, and an understanding of the concept and reality of “energy” that I have gained and continue to enlarge.

At the same time I am also a sometime painter, almost by accident, and some examples of my work are on this site.

If you would like to know more, please have a look at the other sections on this site, particularly “About Michal” and “Work with Michal“.

Then, if it sparks your interest, I look forward very much to connecting with you and to working together. You can reach me at Michal@MichalLevin.com.

Go well, be well,


Michal Levin has a very special gift. Intuitively she guides those who seek her help to shift and move on from a place where they are experiencing pain to one where they will have an opportunity to find peace and fulfilment. I know because she did it for me.

Anne Robinson, Television Presenter

In modern medical practice we are engaged in the development of sensing devices that we attach to our patients. Michal, however, demonstrates ways of knowing that outstrip even our most sophisticated electronic devices, ways in which the innate sensitivity of human beings vastly surpasses machines. Her heightened awareness is an example of what is possible and indicates the direction for us to grow fully as individuals, and compassionate caregivers. She teaches that the instrument we most need to develop is ourselves, and she teaches us how to realize this.

Charles Palmer MB ChB, Professor of Pediatrics, Penn State Children’s Hospital, USA

This may sound overblown but it is exactly how I feel. I feel very fortunate to have met Michal early in my adult life, 30 years ago, and to have benefited from her extraordinary perception and her complex, sublime teachings ever since. My scared inner being has unfurled and gained courage, inspiration and much more from this work over the years.

It has been both an anchor and a wonderful path to follow. It has helped me to blossom at work and in my private life and to glimpse, then work with the deeper dimensions of myself, acknowledging the beauty of who I am, while at the same time illuminating my issues and darkness too. She is utterly compassionate and wholehearted in wanting what is best for you, but resolute that you follow your own path and not shy away from painful truths.

Michal’s meditation was, and continues to be, a revelation to me shaping how I see and am in the world. Michal’s consultations and retreats cut to the core of your being and allow you to see the totality of who you are. There is also a growing sense for me that all that we do with Michal, in groups or individual readings, has a wider resonance too. I feel that our work on our individual selves connects with all others at the same time, and that her work is profoundly for the greater good. 

Now, her beautiful paintings give another opportunity to penetrate your heart and to feel the finer vibrations that Michal offers. She is a precious, too-hidden gem with no interest in being a ‘guru’, but an adherence to values and to a way of being and seeing that the world sorely needs. I feel that we are on a journey that never ends with what Michal offers, and that there is a constant joy to the deepening. I could not ask for a truer guide and teacher than Michal and I am extremely grateful to her.

Ros Ward, TV & Radio Producer, UK


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