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The Energy Linkup: Welcome Home – ELU – 17th June 2013

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Welcome Home – ELU – 17th June 2013


It’s very good to be connecting with you again.

Well, I guess that you’ve had flashes of the past recently, and we are indeed moving into a time, round about the last week or two of June, where the past will be very much with you. But, whereas sometimes I say “move into the past, look at the past again; think about what you did and didn’t do and how you might do it differently”, this month it’s different. This month what’s really important is to concentrate on your core and where you need and want to be. It’s as if I’d like you to come home to yourself. I hope that the ELU will emphasize that point and make it a little easier. I don’t think it’s going to be difficult, if you bear in mind that you’re not aiming to regurgitate the past, you’re not aiming to look for where the problems were or weren’t. But instead you’re fixing on the home within yourself, your core, where you want and need to be, and that your actions follow from that place.

Go well, be well, may the month ahead bring you peace and joy.

With love,

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