Michal Levin – Visionary Teacher, Intuitive, Guide and Artist

Working with Michal

There are many ways to work with me. They all aim to further your personal evolution and growth.

Individual readings are of course special. But there are also wonderful groups, online LEAP Meditations, discussions and talks over the web, an online course that puts you in touch with an existing student so you are not working on your own, and from time to time Retreats, as well as a Monthly Intuitive Message – something between a poem and a “deep healing energy pill”.

Everyone describes the individual and group events as hugely supportive, sometimes challenging, but always deeply rewarding.  One way or another you always have the opportunity to interact directly with me, or put questions to me, on a regular basis.

Individual Intuitive Readings

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Intensive Groups

These groups bring together participants who may have done a considerable amount of work in this area, in different ways, already. Or not.  They could also perhaps work with others in a teaching, therapeutic or mentoring role, or be practitioners, philanthropists, or come from the worlds of finance, medicine, creative arts, or something completely different!  All are welcome.

These groups are for up to four people who want to work intensively on a structured curriculum with me. We go very deep.  I encourage real depth in everyone’s contributions, and in the quality of our interactions.  Participants form particularly strong bonds (all group members form strong bonds) and support one another. The group meets monthly on the telephone/over the web.  Homework assignments are involved.

Working with Michal has been a real eye-opener; a journey of self-discovery and learning. Michal is an extraordinary teacher and mentor whose approach is different to any I have experienced before. She guides rather than prescribes, holding up a mirror to each and every one of us thereby tailoring the work to the individual’s own truth. She encourages self-knowledge and growth within a framework of deeply impactful and shared values that connect all who work with her, bringing us together in what can only be called a family. I feel blessed to have experienced the benefits of working with Michal in a small group and have learned as much from the shared experiences of others as I have from my own work. This work is strongly spiritual, intensely emotional, satisfyingly intellectual and profoundly practical; quite a rare combination indeed that translates into a rewarding impact on the everyday. I am eternally grateful for the opportunity to work with Michal.

Nadine Hasan, MBA Harvard Business School (Baker Scholar); BA Philosophy, Politics & Economics Oxford University; Mother of 4, UK

I have been part of an Intensive group working with Michal for the past 15 months. Working in this way with Michal is indeed intense; it’s deep and powerful work that evades description. I have had to dig deep and challenge my own established beliefs and perspectives in order to really explore and seek to answer the questions that Michal poses.  What I can say is that I now see the world through different eyes and listen with different ears. I am kinder on myself, others and the earth; I am also clearer on my own values and boundaries and much better at holding to both. Michal’s energy opens paths for learning in ways that I have not met before.

I can truly recommend this work if you have the opportunity to take part in a group.

Moira Siddons, FCA; ex PwC partner; non Exec Director; Coach and Mentor, UK

Home Groups

These are larger groups of up to about ten people who again work on a structured curriculum, meeting monthly on the telephone/web.  The groups can include those people in the early stages of their journey. At the same time they are valuable to those who have done considerable work in this area who want to hear more as the material often reveals more on repeat encounters. Participants are able to form strong bonds and to support one another.  Again, homework assignments are involved.

I started my journey with Michal almost 2 years ago with the intention of achieving spiritual growth as well as understanding and improving myself.  I started with the group sessions which I very much look forward to every month. I feel that this session fills my bucket for the whole month. The work we do starts with Michal highlighting the values she stands for that we, her students, deeply connect with as well. We get to share intimate experiences and stories while discovering our values together. This safe space created a beautiful sense of community among us that we all cherish very much. Michal has a special way of connecting to each and every one of us, even if we have never met in person. She gives us very precise feedback with deep understanding of our specific situations and needs, which makes me feel that she has known me for a lifetime. Through the work and guidance she gives us, I feel like I have been peeling the layers of an onion, getting to know myself through her teachings and wisdom, without becoming overly dependent on her.  I feel that having Michal in my life has motivated me to do the work and give the time needed for my spiritual growth. It has helped me start the journey of understand and loving myself and I very much look forward to continuing on this path.

Salwa Katkhuda, Mother of 3; MBA; Co-founder and Head of Strategy and Growth at Little Thinking Minds (edTech), Amman Jordan

Even though, I have worked with Michal for many years, the Home course provided a new and rich dimension in which to see and understand my life and how I engage with the world.  The work challenged me, and it has provided deep rewards and a different perspective in which to grow from.

Jacqueline Gormanly, Project Programme Management / MSc Business Systems Analysis and Design, Cambridge UK

I joined the Home 2 group with some trepidation as it was via the Internet, as I prefer to be able to be present physically with others and see them, but now have got used to this method, fortunately, due to (Covid) circumstances. In participating in these group sessions, I have been able to revisit Michal’s teachings, re-explore the meanings and the depths of the Values and Chakra systems, so important as anchors to hold on to in this swiftly-changing world, and by Michal’s perceptive and challenging questioning, I have felt able to go deeper and clarify what I hold as beliefs, and truths, and why; to see where I stand and my sense of progressing in the areas I feel I need to.  Very important too is the generous sharing with the other members of the group of their experience and views, and by all this, I have been able to pose serious questions to myself, see clearer, and strengthen and renew my allegiance to the Values and to the Light.

I feel immensely fortunate to be living at a time where I am able to connect with such an outstanding teacher and sage as Michal, and receive through her teachings her message and transmission of Learning, Light and Love.  If you want to explore a wider and deeper way of seeing things and of being, and not remain stuck with certain perceptions, and willing to learn and grow towards being as best as you can, then I thoroughly recommend these Home groups.  I am deeply thankful to Michal.

Carol Athuil, BA (Hons); Hospital and Hospice Therapeutic Masseur; Course Co-ordinator London School Economics, Savoie France


The Circle Group is my ongoing Master Class that has been running for a great many years.  This is a place for personal growth and development in every area of your life.   I work with students in a group over the phone/ web. We follow a course of both structured learning – from energetic development, to relationships, to world events – and open discussion.  It’s also an opportunity for everyone to put any questions they like to me and to share with a like minded group.  There’s nothing that won’t be discussed and studied in the Circle. And there’s homework too. This group is now closed but if you are keen to work in a group see my Home and Intensive Groups above, and please email Consultations@MichalLevin.com.

I have been a member of Michal’s’ Circle group for many years now. The work has been incredibly powerful, challenging and rewarding. But when Michal started a smaller Intensive group for just 3 or 4 of us, it was a great opportunity to work on an even much more intimate and deeper level. Michal is able to really guide us individually, more like having a personal session with Michal every month.

Working with the Circle and Intense A groups led by Michal has been incredibly rewarding and challenging, as we go deeper and deeper with this work of bringing the subconscious into our awareness and integrating our deepest truths into the everyday. Helping clarify our biases, wounds and hearts desires and connection with spirit, God and most importantly ourselves in the everyday.  Michal’s insights care and love and deep wisdom are like a laser beam of light, healing clarifying and helping us ever be more true to who we are. I feel deeply grateful.

Kolinka Zinovieff, Owner/Director NHR Organic Oils and Mill Retreat Centre, Brighton UK

Monthly Intuitive Message (MIM)

(formerly known as the ELU).

Around the 17th of each month, I write an Intuitive Message for subscribers, called the MIM.  This Intuitive Message, which comes in audio and written form, is intended as a guide or compass, to help you approach the month ahead in the most productive way possible.  It’s more important to listen to it than to read it.  Everyone hears the message a little differently.  It can give you the answers you need for problems with relationships, creativity, spirituality, family, work or something quite different. I hope it will bring you strength, and enchant you too.  Learn more or subscribe here.

The Monthly Intuitive Message is special. Listening to and reading the message works deeply within. It helps expand the whole of me. I find it can apply in different ways to many aspects of the month ahead. Although I can ‘tune in’ any time, I have benefitted over the years from the Sunday evening connection time together.

Paul Lidgate, Senior Nurse, London, UK

For me, the ‘poems/koans’ carry an undeniable ability to open new doors, expand my creativity, discover more personal solidity and resolve, as well as many more surprises. So now, a couple of times each week, I turn to the ELU. Each time I do this, I experience a kind of profound magic, as if a pure remedy has entered my being.

Thank you so much for the huge difference this is making in my life.

RAR, United States

LEAP Meditation online

An invitation to meditate with others twice a month, using the LEAP process I devised when I was first called to do this work. Life Energy Activation Process, or LEAP, is an energy clearing meditation that is deceptively simple and immensely powerful. The session is held virtually with attendees from around the world.  It is facilitated by Hilary Pearson, who has worked with me for many years, and introduced each month with a prayer that I write especially for that month.  If you haven’t yet been taught or introduced to LEAP, you may join the group in contemplation and benefit from the energy and the prayer.  To receive an invitation to join in, you need to have completed The Soul’s Path or already worked with me in some way.  For more information, please email: Hilary@MichalLevin.com

Working with Michal is transformational. With her extraordinary vision and skilled guidance, she offers a powerful, profound and rare opportunity to really grow. Whether working in a group, or connecting through online mediation, Michal offers the chance to make deep and lasting change for the better in your life. Take it!

Felicity Crush, Creative Manager & Graphic Designer, California, USA

I have always believed in the energy and interconnection of all things and felt that there was a way to connect ‘out there’ – I just needed to find it. After much searching I started to get closer through various Yoga practices, Reiki and meditation. It was a slow start at first but leaped ahead dramatically when I was introduced to Michal Levin in a group meditation/seminar in 2007. It was a pivotal moment for me. Through Michal’s teachings and guidance and through the closeness and support of our LEAP meditation group I have gained a sense of clarity and strength. The virtual meditations and contemplation have been remarkably effective, allowing us to unite together, no matter the distance, in search of our infinite potential. It is an ever-deepening connection and understanding that I am supremely grateful for.

Brenda Brown, BBC News and Current Affairs, London UK

I cannot recommend the virtual meditation with Michal’s groups enough!  My meditation journey started in 2001 when I participated in Michal’s Saturday morning meet up groups in London.  However, when I moved to Switzerland 13 years ago this became a distinctly solo enterprise for years.  If there can be a single silver lining to the global pandemic, it has been Michal’s virtual meditation innovation, which has not only allowed me to reunite with my original meditation group but also reconnected me to a greater power and sense of love that is quite simply beyond time and space.

Roger Vacher, MBA; Business Professional Pharmaceutical Industry, Switzerland

The Soul’s Path – Online Course

The Soul’s Path is a comprehensive and profound study course, based on my teachings and writings.  It’s an interactive, experiential course that aims to awaken your ability to sense energy both within yourself and in the environment.  Then it teaches you how to interpret that energy, and understand what it means and how to use it in all areas of your life, including relationships, work, family, the development of your intuition and much else.  Find out more here.

Whether you are seeking personal transformation or to increase your experience of well being, Michal is a deeply caring and profoundly wise guide. Her multifaceted Soul’s Path programme supports participants in significantly shifting their energy and experience of life through deceptively simple daily practice. The connection with a spiritual friend and other participants, adds to the enjoyment and richness of the experience.

Gill Avery, Co­founder Consulting Women, UK

Soul Development

This is an ad hoc online series that sometimes takes place monthly, but can be more or less often than this. It offers participants an opportunity to hear my thoughts or teachings on particular topics, and to put questions directly to me.

My first public teachings – in the 1990s, way before any online ideas, were a series of channelled talks entitled ‘The Line of the Light’. They were hugely surprising to me, and still core to my work. Since then, I have continued to offer teachings that embrace both esoteric and more familiar subjects. In the last few years, my ad hoc teachings have included a series of special calls dedicated to healing: ‘Heal Yourself, Heal Our World’ and a talk about my response to, and perspective on the outbreak of the Coronavirus pandemic early in 2020.  A Soul Development session could also address the latest MIM in more detail, or be on another subject entirely. But it will always be guided by me, and allow participants to engage substantially with me to discuss, on a true heart level, issues that feed our souls and strengthen our connections with all others. To be added to the mailing list/subscribe to these events please sign up here.

Just wanted to say that the last Healing Call on Choices was, and is, so incredibly helpful. Everything you said makes such ethical and practical sense and, although not necessarily easy to apply, is the perfect ‘go to’ on the subject.

Susanna Bearfoot, Musician, UK

Archive Extracts

I have been teaching for approaching thirty years, since I received or gave my first channeled talk.  Almost all the talks, workshops and seminars I have given over the years have been recorded.  My archives are vast!  And I am now looking for ways to release them.

At the moment, I am offering a free series of Extracts which are emailed to recipients twice a month. They are a gift to recent and current clients, as well as group members and subscribers to the MIM.  These small extracts contain profound truths on a range of subjects and are best read slowly allowing the energy to work with you and penetrate deeply, as with the Monthly Intuitive Message.  My desire, as with all my work, is to allow the Light, in the form that I know it, to reach as many others as it can, in the hope that one way or another, they too will be touched by it.


The Retreats I offer are fun, amazing, life-changing events. They are for those wanting to go deeper and gain further direct experience of my work and teachings, with plenty of time for creativity, relaxation and good food.  Over the years, my Retreats have been held in France, England, California, Spain and Jordan.  Date and location of the next Retreat to be confirmed.

After retreats with Michal I feel as though I have bathed in healing waters – I am uplifted, inspired and connected. The time spent in this special environment is full of growth and shared joy, making new friends and reconnecting with old on this path that we share. The meditations and singing around the campfire, the soothing sounds of water, good food and the joy of being with Michal and my values family – it’s just a few days, but I return to my everyday life feeling renewed, strengthened and balanced.

Felicity Crush, Graphic Artist, USA

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