It is very good to be connecting with you again.

This month is a deeply significant time. We are immersed – literally in the depths of reality and governed by a conjunction of the deepest forces, in a gloriously creative sway. It is time for you to take note of your dreams and slowly – slowly is the operative word – begin to make them reality. The tide has indeed turned. This month’s ELU is called just that, Tide Turned. See what you see – and then slowly start the job of making it real.

Go well, be well, may the month ahead bring you peace and joy.



Tide Turned

The quiet noise of the breakers
Falling on the sand. The click
Of a few small pebbles dashed
Against one another.
Then the same again,
And again. Looking out
To where the hazy skies meet
The shining water, there is
Only the play of light to hold
Your vision; and the steady, rhythmic
Sound of the curled water
Unfolding onto the beach behind you.
You are standing up to your
Ankles in the almost cold sea,
Lost in thought, dreaming at
The horizon of your life.
Dreams without words,
Without images yet:
Sacred Emissions of the Light
As it plays in your minds eye,
And Heart and soul.
A splash reaches up
And catches your hand
Unexpectedly. For a second
Foam clings
To your calves, as an
Impetuous breaker races
To swallow a greater slice
Of the sand.
The tide has turned.
The moon has spoken.
Now the sea is rolling
Towards the land,
In an inevitable advance;
And the year of your
Life obeys too: the future
Is coming towards you
Your mind’s eye
Closes like a shutter, capturing
The images of the light,
Your future dreams, your path.
the task before you
Is held in the blueprint,
Caught in your
Mind’s eye, in your heart and soul.
The negative has rested,

In the chemical liquid,
In the dark room
Of your life, while
You weigh the light,
And create the images
That will hold your reality,
And build your world.
Now the image is ready.
You raise it from the water,
And slowly create the future,
Yours, and ours.

Travel well,
Go well, be well.
May the month ahead bring you peace and joy.

© Michal Levin 2013


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