Michal’s Core Curriculum One was remarkable and distinctive in several different ways from other spiritual teachings/disciplines that I, like all those who have spent many years following and investigating the spiritual path, have come into contact with.

As she promised, we concentrated on theory as well as practice, with the intention of finding a path to our true selves – to our individual authenticity, integrity, and achieving energetic alignment with our true selves.

The intent of varied teachings that I have come into contact with is similar; however, energetic alignment is not emphasized the way Michal holds it by any means, and certainly not delivered.

Her actual method or process differs greatly from other spiritual teachers or disciplines as well. Her teaching is truly an “alchemical teaching”. Like the alchemists of old, she has developed a framework of theory, terminology and experimental process to transmit her ideas/facts.

Michal weaves a web of connections for us to draw our own conclusions from. It feels as if she allows us the space, or actually opens up a vast space, to enable each one of us to find the answers for ourselves. As a result each one of us is able to make the appropriate connections on a very deep level, personally.

It is quite different from being told up front what we should be experiencing.

This is the beauty of her transmission of teaching. With Michal’s guidance, keen intuition and extensive varied energetic input, and my work and energetic participation in accepting what she offers, my deeper authentic self that had never before been fully revealed, was uncovered.

Michal’s way is to point, saying “just go there and see what unfolds”. If you follow her instructions, amazingly you do see and feel an extraordinary outcome. But, her instruction is only to jump in, investigate using certain ideas or perspectives that she offers – it’s all her energy, and see what transpires. In that process, your deepest, authentic self unfolds. An amazingly different and effective approach!

Susan Aqeel

Financial Consultant, CFP (Certified Financial Planner)

Menlo Park, CA, USA


I wanted very much to be more deeply engaged with Michal’s work, to build a solid foundation, for the work to really resonate within me. Core Curriculum 1 (“CC1”) fulfilled all my expectations, and more.

I also found the homework most useful, in focusing my thoughts, and applying what I had learnt during each call, in a coherent and practical way.

From the frameworks taught by Michal in CC1, her energy, and the energy shared by the group working so closely together during the telephone sessions, I was able to better understand, on so many different levels, how we function, and how we influence one another. This has enabled me to grow beyond the constructs that had previously unconsciously limited my being, in a way that enables the core truth of who I am. My evolution continues, building on the foundation laid down in CC1.

Min Hui Tan




The material covered in CC1 was not entirely new to me.  Michal had covered some of this information in her retreats.  However it wasn’t until I took the class that I began to start to understand the material. The assignments were especially helpful in getting me to reflect and articulate what the material meant for me. I began to tie together and understand how the events in my life have formulated my responses to the world around me.  I realised how these influenced and limited my perceptions, appreciation and enjoyment of my life.  The concepts were complex but like so many things, once I understood them, I realised they were not as complicated as I thought.

My expectations going in to the class were to gain an understanding of myself, my life and the world around me.  Michal’s discussions and especially the homework enabled me to start to understand the puzzle around me.  I began to appreciate subtle things that were influencing my opinion or restricted me in some way and to trust my intuition.

I used to think, ‘that is just the way things were’ but I now have a better understanding of what limits me. Once you can recognise it, you are in a better position to let go and shift it.  For me, there were a number of ‘ah ha’ moments that have helped me to feel grounded.

I would recommend this class to anyone who is ready to have an honest look at themselves and to trust the outcome.

J Gately

Ex-partner Global Professional Services Firm



It is difficult to encapsulate, or even put into words exactly how it benefited me. There was the ‘surface learning’ from Michal and the acquisition of knowledge but it was so much more than that – knowledge reached a place in me that it hadn’t before; integration and evolving to a place where I am living the knowing was, and is, a big part for me.

The course is absolutely experiential – I was surprised at the depth and extent of the work we had to do as homework, and the impact that it, and the PG sessions with Michal, had on me. It often felt like a roller coaster, and at times was extremely raw and painful.

It has been fascinating to realise the impact that things I didn’t even know existed have had on my life and to watch as my life changed as a reflection of that realization. A lot is much easier now for example (not that I would necessarily have known it was not easy before, as it was just the way things were!), I found parts of me that I had no idea were there, and I am far more aware and authentic.

I would be more than happy to speak to anyone about my experience of the CC1.

Jo Hill

MA (Oxon)

Former Marketing and Business Consultant

Chichester, West Sussex, UK


While Michal’s teachings in Core Curriculum Course 1 (CC1) are partly to do with the acquisition of knowledge, that part only represents about 30% of it.

As Michal says you can listen, “learn” it and receive the knowledge but unless you actually experience, live and integrate it into ones daily life then you can only go so far – she says she is trying to get the participants to “walk the talk” rather than just “talk the walk”. In CC1 there is quite a lot about Transmission and our relationship with scientific knowledge but it is more about understanding how to access the core knowing, which is not easy, even for people who have worked with her for quite a few years.

The course is intense and a marked step up from Michal’s Inner Group, seminars and retreats. I don’t see a limit to how far it can take you.

The more I put in the more I get out. Also it’s very helpful listening to the feedback from the other participants on the course, especially the individual or group partnerships Michal arranges for participants to discuss the homework she sets at the end of each session.

It is still and probably always will be a challenge to integrate the knowledge into my everyday life on a regular basis so that it becomes sub conscious rather than something I have to think about or remember to do. But it certainly has helped with many issues and I know it will continue to be part of my journey of growth and enlightenment.

David Lewis

Corporate Advisor

London, UK


I started the Core Curriculum course knowing it would be transformational yet not knowing what to expect in terms of the details, the teachings, format etc.  It certainly exceeded my expectations and life is very different now.

I understand and accept life and myself more.  I feel connected to god on a level I couldn’t comprehend before and wonder how I survived without this connection.  I have a renewed sense of clarity, strength and focus. My range of sensitivity, emotions and intellect has enhanced. Core Curriculum 1 took my development to a new level, empowering and developing me in all areas of my life.

I thoroughly enjoyed doing the assignments and felt time was critical because the more time I spent on an assignment the more rapidly I developed and my understanding enhanced.

The actual sessions were mind blowing for the want of a better word. I loved the group work and it was fun and deep and life changing. The group was amazing, we all connected at a deep level. It is very fulfilling to be understood.  I have also developed some amazing friendships within the group as a result of the course.

CC1 (and CC2) deeply satisfied my thirst for depth, meaning and change.

Jacqueline Gormanly MSc

Project Manager Financial Services



Core Curriculum 1 certainly gave me a wonderful impetus for my own journey; so much so that on completing it I immediately signed up for the Level 2 course to continue with the process.

This course is unlike any other that you may have experienced.

Michal’s way of facilitating growth and learning is nothing like any other teacher that I have encountered before, and far more effective too. And its effects have continued beyond the duration of the course itself. The process of completing the homework assignments and working directly with Michal, took me to a place within myself that I have been able to visit time and time again since. I am profoundly grateful for having done the course.

Tracey Rood, B.Comm, B.Acc

Finance Executive

Johannesburg, South Africa


I signed up for this course with an open mind, and was rewarded with an experience that went deeper than I could have imagined.

The Core Curriculum isn’t so much about information as it is about profound change. In committing more and more to opening up, through the homework and interaction with the other students, I found that a lot of my patterns began to change.

It is difficult at times to describe something so deep and sometimes subtle, but I can say that I believe working with Michal in this way has allowed me to feel the most comfortable I have ever felt. There is a new integrity to my being, and I seem to understand myself and life in a completely new way.

I recommend this course to anyone looking to deepen their understanding of themselves, and of life. I also feel this course helps to deepen our connection with the world and each other.

For me this went beyond the intellectual, the emotional, and issues of personality and reached into higher places that are best left unlabeled.

I am very grateful for Michal and her work. Her approach leaves me more and more self-sufficient and empowered.

Serene Miqdadi

Art Historian



I have spent a lifetime collecting a vast array of knowledge regarding psychology, spirituality, and healing. Emphases on understanding the self through various models of intellect were frequent components of my studies. Little was communicated regarding the alchemy that exists between the head and the heart.

Michal’s unique Core Curriculum is much more than knowledge.  It is a path pointing toward infinite wisdom. It has provided me with space to excavate my cognitive patterns and lay down new foundations that integrate the knowledge of my head and the deep wisdom of my heart.

Core Curriculum provides tools and an ineffable expanse of grace to explore our individuality and the interconnected global network.  I highly recommend Core Curriculum for those who aspire to know, and discern, the authentic nature of the self and beyond.

Reverend Marie Maddox Th.M

Phoenix, AZ, USA

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