It is very good to be connecting with you again.

Could the pressure really increase? Could you do more than you are now? Could it be more difficult to relax? Could you loose that anxious sense at the back of your mind? What do you think?

For those of you who are just working (or playing) very hard indeed – go for it, full steam ahead. But for those of you who are feeling the under pressure, please pause and think. What is the “purpose” of the pressure? By purpose I mean what do you think would relieve the pressure? However extraordinary or impossible that may seem. What do you need to do to extricate yourself- or simply to satisfy the demand behind the pressure? When you can see that, you will know what the purpose of the pressure is. And when you are able to do it, you will be very well rewarded, especially in the long term.

This month’s ELU is to remind you all the while this process is engaging you, of the softer side of the growth that we are all committed to. Whatever you are experiencing, that extraordinary, mystical reality is present too. I have called it the moon. The moon is growing in a subtle and beautiful way, just as you are.

Go well be well. May the month ahead bring you peace and joy.



A New Moon

The new moon glances shyly
From behind the massed clouds
Gathered over the days gone bye.
She has no need to worry.
Like a bell whose peal
Reverberates slowly,
As the sound swells, tone by tone,
Until it releases its full bouquet,
So the moon’s light
Trickles across the sky, hinting
At love, flirting with life,
While all the time,
Slowly growing – it will be.

Float your passion and mine
On the moon’s stream,
Join the river flowing
To its source. Let our love
Swell, like the pastel buds
Of the late summer roses
Preparing to unfurl and
Release their sweet scent
In a flurry of velvet petals.
So you and I may dance in the sky,
Drift in the light, and
Play on the earth’s solid surface,
Or dream in the trees or
The mountain tops of eternity.
Now the waiting is done.
Now, it will be.

Travel well,
Go well, be well.
May the month ahead bring you peace and joy.


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