It’s very good to be connecting with you again. This month I’m sending you an ELU that was actually written a few years ago. I’m sending it because it’s exactly appropriate for now, and perhaps not surprisingly, the message that I sent out with it is so appropriate, that I am sending that too. At that stage I was writing ELUs every week, for a short time anyway, but don’t be confused – it’s the message for the month ahead. Take good note: the message is “Go beyond your past”. The ELU is called “Waiting for the Ferry”, and may the month ahead bring you much peace and joy.

With love,


Original message:
I want to talk a little about the past, and the reason for talking about the past is to make sure that it doesn’t contaminate your future. At times like this, where there is a great deal of uncertainty, perhaps pain, perhaps fear of pain, it’s only too easy to remember the pain of the past and to shut down in some way. It’s as if you hold yourself tight remembering occasions on which you were hurt in the past, or that you could have been hurt, and you’re now warning yourself not to be hurt again. Be careful! It’s a trap!
While it’s important to learn from the past, right now it’s particularly important to remember to keep your heart and your mind open to what’s really important. That is the only way at the moment to secure a truly benevolent future. I hope the message will make it a little clearer because the message is about the trap of the past and the role of those past memories in trying to hold you back, in trying to keep you in the place of pain, where in fact the future that’s calling to you is very different. It’s a future of real potential, but potential in a new way that it may take you a little while to understand. That doesn’t mean it isn’t real. I hope you find it, or if you have already found it, I hope you embrace it robustly.

Travel well, go well, be well.

Waiting for the Ferry

Each place is itself, and more.
On the house beside the quay,
Winter sun strikes the windows.
Its echoes, opaque but without depth.

Across the water, the rusty dockyard
Is already in shadow. As the light fades
The presence of the place
Is unaffected, lying as it does,
Not merely in the present,
But also in the past that holds
My mind in this corridor of so many
Ghosts, and their descendants.

Now the sound of the water
Reaches out recalling a night asleep
Aboard The Merry Dancer,
Moored on the creek at Helston,
Cloaked in magic and pain.
The deep shadows of the impregnable
Trees on the shore foretelling
The future, even then.

But the harbor house does not speak?
It belongs to a place I have never visited,
Whose history doesn’t touch me,
In a present that I am trying to pass
Through lightly, navigating the ghosts.

Then, as the shadows grow, and
Edges blur, a frail connection
Reaches out – and I respond, searching,
For History? No- for Beauty, for Truth!
For sustenance, a pattern, that transcends
Mere time. Will I find it? Perhaps…

Now I feel it at my core, repeated deeper
Than the sagas I know, further than my self.
It’s growing colder, waiting for the ferry,
And waiting for yester year to settle
As the foundations of today and tomorrow
Strengthen, in the domain of beyond,
In the place of my soul,
As certainty and an inner warmth spreads.

Travel well,
Go well, be well.

Remember it’s more effective to listen to the ELU than simply to read it, so please

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