Contending with decisions that must balance many powerful, competing agendas, my clients report that having the benefit of my intuitive input is like being able to see the other players’ cards in a poker game. But frequently one of the first issues we deal with is time. My clients report feeling stressed by lack of time and space to fulfill their responsibilities. Often, within a short time of hiring me, they report relief from pressure, a sense of peace and importantly, more time in their lives. Through a series of directed and structured sessions, my clients gain focus on how to clarify and then implement steps to achieve their goals, as well as the benefit of my intuitive advice on pressing issues.

The celebrities, creatives and other exceptional individuals I work with often struggle initially with the problems of managing success, and sometimes turbulent careers, including reconciling the resulting pressures, which can be very significant, with a full and meaningful life. Through our schedule of sessions, whether the topic is, for example, integrating their public persona with their personal identity, or how to develop significant relationships, new projects, or dealing with wealth, they gain confidence and clarity.

Fundamentally, I guide all my clients into a position of congruence and alignment to help them enhance their own well-being and their endeavors for the greater good. In doing so, we work to enable them to lead their businesses more effectively, advance their careers and find fulfillment in their lives and relationships. I am highly analytical as well as intuitive. As we work together my clients develop their own intuition, creativity and superior business and personal judgment.

My work is international. All our sessions are strictly confidential and conducted in person or by telephone. My intuition works just as well on the telephone as in person, indeed telephone sessions are sometimes even more effective. Referrals are handled with the same confidentiality. I do not solicit my clients for referrals.

I am also the author of 4 books, a speaker, the mother of successful grown up children,  a grandmother and the survivor of life threatening illness (identified by my own intuition). At the start of my career, I was a respected BBC current affairs television journalist and presenter, and have been published in a wide assortment of national newspapers.

Please contact me to discuss how I might work with you.

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