The people listed on this page as Core Curriculum Graduates 2012/13 have completed a course in Michal Levin’s Core Curriculum Levels 1, 2 and 3.  They are not qualified to teach this curriculum or Michal’s work, but they have studied the Course material at a professional level.

Core Curriculum Graduates 2012/2013:

  • Susan Aqeel, USA
  • Jane Gately, USA
  • Jacqueline Gormanly, UK
  • Jo Hill, UK
  • David Lewis, UK
  • Serene Miqdadi, UK/MIDDLE EAST
  • Marie Maddox, USA
  • Tracey Rood, SOUTH AFRICA
  • Min Tan, SINGAPORE

Core Curriculum Participants 2014:

  • Roxanne Decyk, USA
  • Elizabeth Messud, SWITZERLAND
  • Gavin Hill, UK
  • Kolinka Zinovieff, UK
  • Ros Ward, UK
  • Felicity Crush, USA
  • Ryan Servatius, USA
  • Teresa Wicksteed, UK

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