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Core Curriculum 1 (2014) course information

Here is all the practical information you will need to join the extraordinary Core Curriculum 1, which is soon to be run for only the second time.

The course unveils the fundamentals behind my work, at a level I have not previously revealed in any other course. Read the testimonies of the participants of the first Core Curriculum 1 to understand how very unique and successful this course is If you would like to speak with any of those previous participants whose testimonies have caught your attention, they will be happy to do so – please make your request to

If you are interested in the course but would like to speak to me first, please email me directly

Commencements and Duration
The course will be starting in February 2014 and will run for eight months. We will meet on the telephone once a month, by conference call, for a total of eight sessions, approximately an hour each (longer if necessary), with a small intimate group of no more than ten people.

The timing of sessions will be discussed with the group to help ensure that it works for everyone. Up to now we have found that between 2pm and 4pm UK tends to be a good time, to allow for full international participation, but this might differ (see recordings section below).

All the session calls are recorded and posted on a special participant only section of my website. While it is important for participants to be on the calls, sometimes it may be difficult. On those occasions, access to the recordings means that this is not a problem. In fact most participants like to listen to the recordings anyway, sometimes repeatedly.

Individual Sessions
In addition to the group sessions, each member will have a personal session (of 25 minutes duration) with me during the eight months.

The course dates:

Tuesday 11th February 2014

Tuesday 11th March 2014

Thursday 10th April 2014

Thursday 8th May 2014

Thursday 5th June 2014

Thursday 3rd July 2014

Thursday 4th September 2014

Wednesday 1st October 2014


Method and Material

We will concentrate on theory, as well as practice. Recordings of the session calls are made available, also hard copy material, in pdf form, and digital materials. Participants are set homework assignments to complete between meetings. Sometimes assignments include discussions in pairs or in small groups that have proved very valuable.

The Core Curriculum (Level 1) concentrates on my teachings on the role of the energy bodies. In particular it addresses the primary questions of how to become more authentic, more aligned, more appropriately powerful, through the use of, and in relation to, the energy bodies.
It will also address the role of the energy bodies in facilitating access to your intuition, and in the wider issues of harmonizing with the greater good and contributing to the world.

The fee is payable in installments. The total is £6,450.00 (plus VAT where applicable for EU residents). We ask for a deposit of 10% on registration, then for two installments of £2902.50 (plus VAT for EU residents), one before the course starts and the second midway through.

Participation in this course will lead to the award of the Michal Levin Core Curriculum (level 1) Certificate. Certified individuals will be listed on my website as having completed this course. The course qualifies for CPD (continuous professional development) too.

The course material is at a very significant level. If we have not worked closely together already, and you are interested, I would be pleased to talk to you to discuss the course and its suitability for where you are now.

To secure your place on Core Curriculum 1 please email Clare

If you want to speak to me please email

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