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Case studies

Steven – Depressed, despairing high acheiver
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Clara – Quite a surprise
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Jane – She was to blame?
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Charles – A distinguished professional
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About Michal

Steven – Depressed, despairing high acheiver

I met Steven in his office, at his request. He wanted to interview me face to face, to check out the recommendation he’d had from a colleague I’d worked with. He was very polite, reserved, quick and sparing with words, and obviously deserved his position in a well-known professional firm. After a while – obviously I’d passed some initial test- Steven told me the truth about himself.  He’d had lots of psychotherapy, but still an enduring depression returned. He had a wife he loved deeply and was the archetypical over achiever at work. He was desperate now- only desperation would have brought him to call me in- and suspected that even more talking therapy would fail, and only drug treatment lay ahead of him. He hated the thought of drugging himself, but how to deal with the depressions?


MY take

It was obvious to me that Steven was hiding something from himself, and I could almost see what it was, and denying much more. I could see exactly what that was. The pain of it all overwhelmed him and depression was the result. I suggested he commit to 6 sessions, on the phone, where I do almost all of my consulting. Then, I said, lets assess where we are and what you’d like to do.


Next step

So, we signed the usual non-disclosure agreements and got to work. Steven couldn’t believe that I wanted minimal details from him, but instead described to him what I could see in his energy and what it suggested about how he was functioning, the people in his life, and his history. The accuracy of my description at pin pointing some of the problems he worked with and certainly hadn’t spoken to me about astounded him, as it often does clients. He quickly relaxed into the work and by the end of the first session we were circling around some key issues related to his history.



After six sessions, Steven had signed up to the EnergyLinkUp, to be able to have my voice, and vibration, on tap whenever he wanted it. He’d realized how valuable just being able to listen to me and feel the energy carried in my voice actually was for him. He had also made fantastic progress with facing his demons. Having spent such a long time in therapy he was amazed at how different this was, and how it seemed to take him to a different place.

We did not analyze his problems, but rather I identified them, or the problem areas, intuitively,  and then I drew some pictures for him of the realities of the others who were troubling him so deeply. Somehow, in the process, his perspective shifted and, accepting my energy, his own energy and perspectives began to change. Steven started to report even greater success at work, with les effort and a lighter tone entered his voice.



After we had been working together for about 9 months Stephen was made partner at work, and discovered that he was really happy. He enjoyed work much more than ever before, he had energy for his home life and was now eager to start a family with hi wife- something he had dreaded before.  And it all seemed to happen easily and naturally, especially coming from such a dark, depressed place .


And even more

Finally, instead of saying goodbye, and perhaps contacting me from time to time when something came up that he wanted my input on, Steven asked to join my Core Curriculum classes. He had discovered that trusting his own intuition was an important part of functioning fully and effectively. I was delighted. The very first time we met, I saw just how intuitive he was and how he denied that side of himself in his highly trained analytical approach. I see no limit to where he can go.

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