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Confidentiality is key to my work. I never divulge clients' identities, unless they do so themselves. Most clients, especially those with significant public profiles, very much appreciate this guarantee of privacy. However, as a result those who kindly do offer endorsements, are not representative of all those with whom I work, though much appreciated for speaking out.

My business clients, for example, include one of the top three executives in a major multi national bank, top decision makers at some of the world's leading corporations, senior strategists, CEOs, CFOs and marketing executives, as well as venture capitalists, entrepreneurs and philanthropists.

Among the exceptional individuals from the entertainment world who have benefited from my intuition are an academy award winning scriptwriter, academy award winning songwriter, icons of the rock and roll world, and other significant creative artists.

Some endorsements from those kind enough to report on their experiences of working with me, and glad to speak to prospective clients provided there is no conflict of interest, follow.


"As a former partner in PricewaterhouseCoopers, I have had experience of a number of leadership development programmes over the years, including those run by Cranfield and Insead. However it was clear to me as I moved into a second career as a non-executive director, and as I approached the next stages of my personal life, I needed more, so two years ago I started to work with Michal. I did not know then what the outcome of that work would be, but if I had, I would have started much earlier. I have no meaningful words to describe the journey. I can say that the work has been at a very deep level and is such that it has shifted old patterns that have never been touched before. My awareness of myself, and of my patterns in relating to others, have been profoundly changed with the most beneficial results for effectiveness and well being. Others describe me now as serene, calm, kind, generous, good- humored even in the face of the worst of bad days. The reality is that this is how I feel, most of the time.

Of course the benefit has not been mine alone either. My family and my work colleagues have all benefited from the changes in me in a wide variety of ways. Had I set myself goals for the outcome of my work with Michal then they would have been surpassed. In my view anyone seeking to change their personal effectiveness in their career and or in their personal life would benefit from this life changing work."
Non executive director, former partner PwC*


"Michal Levin is a gifted coach who helps clients understand the duality of light and darkness and how this affects personal and professional development. With compassion and uncanny insight about people and organizations, Michal engages clients to come into their best and pursue work of purpose and contribution to the greater good. The growth that results is not incremental, but transformational."
Carolyn Y. Woo, Martin J. Gillen Dean of the Mendoza College of Business / Ray and Milann Siegfried Chair in Entrepreneurial Studies, Notre Dame University. President and CEO Catholic Relief Services.


"In modern medical practice we are engaged in the development of sensing devices that we attach to our patients. Michal, however, demonstrates ways of knowing that outstrip even our most sophisticated electronic devices, ways in which the innate sensitivity of human beings vastly surpasses machines. Her heightened awareness is an example of what is possible and indicates the direction for us to grow fully as individuals, and compassionate caregivers. She teaches that the instrument we most need to develop is ourselves, and she teaches us how to realize this."
Charles Palmer MB ChB, Professor of Pediatrics, Chief Division of Newborn Medicine
Penn State Children's Hospital


"Working with Michal Levin is an extraordinary, life changing experience. The work takes courage, but has led to transformational personal and career growth that would have been difficult for me to comprehend only a few years ago. In particular, as the business environment in the information age teems with ambiguity and competing interests, she works to ensure a connection to one's greatest potential self, and then fulfillment of that potential in the most creative formulation of possibilities. This work serves to align one's judgment to the highest principles and intentions. This is real training in leadership development and responsibility in a rapidly changing environment."
Principal in World Leader Global IT Corporation*


"Michal Levin has a very special gift. Intuitively she guides those who seek her help to shift and move on from a place where they are experiencing pain to one where they will have an opportunity to find peace and fulfillment. I know because she did it for me."
Anne Robinson, TV presenter: "Weakest Link", etc


"At the time that I was introduced to Michal I had already had a great deal of success and was at the top of my career. I had 'broken the glass ceiling' and was able to influence a number of important global initiatives. My perspective on life was changing and I did not quite understand what was happening but did know I was beginning to feel very empty inside. I felt out of sync and knew I needed to talk to someone but did not really understand what it was that was wrong. I started a structured course of mentoring with Michal. She had astounding insights into what was happening, what was holding me back, causing this empty space inside. Her guidance shifted my thinking and more importantly shifted my feelings.

In the past, I have attended several corporate training sessions on interpersonal skills, understanding the personal dynamics of business, leadership transformation training, etc.. Each provided useful guidance but were very one dimensional. Michal's intuitive work has increased my cognitive understanding but has also brought something more important. Through her individual quality, that I can only describe as her combined energy, insight and intuition, she has helped to transform my own feelings, at the real core of me as a person. She has helped me to shift my personal life and my business life to a completely different place. Inside, I feel grounded again, with more clarity than I have ever had on what I want from me, from life, from friends, from work. How do you explain "feeling full" and "satisfied"?

Her intuition on very personal issues and on tough business issues is unique. She can 'read' a situation, the people involved and your own interactions within the situation to help you to understand and navigate what it is that you want and need from the situation, and how to get it. I have now been working with Michal for about a year and would recommend her to senior executives, entrepreneurs and people who are ready to expand their own enjoyment of the world and themselves, as well as their professional lives."
Partner, Global Professional Services Firm.*


"Whatever I say about working with Michal, I cannot hope to approximate the many different facets of the experience. I will attempt to put it in words by listing some insights and effects of our work together:

Things dropped off. Things that weren't really mine such as beliefs, opinions, doing things out of obligation seemed to drop off naturally over time and were replaced with an ease of being, from which all that develops comes from a place that is true to me.
I feel more like me than I ever have.

Michal has the rare ability to be there for me without fostering a dependency, it is a very empowering dynamic.
The meditations she taught me and guided me along, opened up an incredibly supportive and sacred space, and a magical world that helped me develop intuition, trust, and confidence.
There is a creative side to the work as well which was a welcome surprise!

Finally, it is very difficult to describe how I've changed over the course of the last year, except to say that it was been as subtle and natural as breathing. There was an underlying worry in the past- whether it was about things that I felt I lacked, whether internally or externally, or about the future - that is now replaced with an ease of being, a trust in something bigger than me, which is also a part of me.

I acknowledge Michal and her work for all that. I feel incredibly lucky to have chosen to work with her. It has been the best investment I have made in myself and my life."
S. Miqdadi, Art historian, London/Jordan


"Through my work with Michal I have discovered my intuition more, and can be even more powerful with people around me. My closest relationships have also improved, and even colleagues have noticed the change. I feel more grounded and very at peace. I have learned that we co-create our future to a much larger extend than we give ourselves credit for, and am already moving forward in my chosen path. I am very happy with the results of our work together."
Partner in Global Strategy Consulting Firm*

"I have been working with Michal for about 9 months in individual mentoring sessions. It is quite difficult to express in words how much I have benefitted from this work within this relatively short period of time already. My life has fundamentally changed in many areas and I feel a deep sense of direction, trust and clarity.

Through the process of working with Michal, I am becoming increasingly conscious of parts of myself that I wasn't aware of, and could not access before. Overall, I have a strong sense of things falling into place in multiple ways, with significant practical evidence of this occurring.

I am experiencing more joy, freedom and meaning in my life than ever before. I feel privileged to have the opportunity to connect with Michal's wonderful presence and am deeply grateful to Michal for her loving guidance, authenticity and deep wisdom. She has been a very important and empowering influence in my life ever since we first came into contact. I am very much looking forward to continuing on this journey of exploration and development."
Professor, Business Studies, Europe*


"Today's business and world leaders are faced with unprecedented complexities and rates of change in markets and social conditions. This places extreme pressure on leaders to develop all aspects of themselves to the highest degree possible. Development of their cognitive, emotional, interpersonal, and ethical capacities, as well as their fundamental sense of self, and more, are all required. In my opinion, only those who develop to this level, who integrate fully to this level, will be successfully equipped to manage a profitable, sustainable growth business or effective organization. Michal Levin is uniquely qualified to develop these leaders. She possesses rare abilities and talents, and her own high level of psychological development as a human being distinguishes her as a world-class mentor. I highly recommend her to anyone who aspires to realize the personal and professional benefits of becoming a true Leader for today, and the future."
Ken Wilber
Author, A Theory of Everything: An Integral Vision for Business, Politics, Science and Spirituality


"As a boutique investment banker I am used to applying two tests to most things I get involved in. Does it stand up to analysis? And does it work? Michal enables deeper self understanding and development. This is effective in both psychological and spiritual terms. I am not sure what the long-run effects will be, but I believe it will continue to bring me greater clarity of thought, feeling and purpose."
Tony Hillier
Investment Banker


"I have found this to be an amazing experience. Michal a welcoming and no nonsense guide. I have a successful interior design business and work on projects throughout the United States. Naturally, the level of intensity is high. In working with Michal's mentoring program and practicing the LEAP meditation regularly I have discovered that whole other dimensions have opened and given me access to so much more of myself. My creativity has deepened which is such a joy. I feel I am calmer which allows me to focus and enjoy my work more fully. I am overall in a much happier , more focused and more productive state since beginning my work with Michal."
Connie Buckner, Connie Buckner Interiors, California, USA


"Michal is one of the most extraordinary teachers that I've ever worked with. She has helped me to identify and develop my 'growing edge' and put it in the context of both personal and professional aspirations."
Andres Edwards, Author, Educator and Entrepreneur, California


"Michal felt like love with a stainless steel spine. There was always that quality of love during our sessions, which was especially appreciated when discussing difficult and sensitive personal issues. However, she was also a subtle but effective gadfly who provoked much thought, reflection and reconsideration of my chosen paths in life and my life choices. Naturally, Michal was of course extraordinarily intuitive, but also at the same time robustly practical and keenly analytical. I have benefited immensely, and in multiple ways, from her extraordinary skill in applying her intuitive, analytical, practical, and other abilities to give truly unique insight on personal and professional issues. She is a most extraordinary guide, and I experienced profound and permanent shifts in my outlook on life in both personal and professional spheres."
Lawyer, Singapore, SE Asia


Client confidentiality is strictly observed and enforced by mutual NDAs. The clients above who have divulged their identity have done so voluntarily.

* Where names have been withheld to protect confidentiality, the clients concerned are very willing to speak to prospective clients about their experiences of working with Michal, if there is not conflict of interest.

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