Mentoring - Overview

Looking for Group Work?

I work as a professional intuitive and mentor to a small international group, from high level senior executives, creative professionals, entrepreneurs to others from sectors as diverse as banking to entertainment.  And of course there are those who have retired and are pursuing different interests. The topics we deal with can range from high-level negotiations, business strategy, and leadership or succession issues, to deeply personal issues including spiritual development. I am always insistent on integrating all aspects of interpersonal relations and a fundamental spirituality into our work.

I might, for example, be asked for input on a board issue, or issues affecting the smooth running of a business, the viability of a project or any of a number of topics related to individual functioning — relationships with colleagues, legacy, children, marriage, or simply a wish to contribute positively to the world while maintaining a career at the highest level. And sometimes, a client will approach me with a wish to contribute positively to the world after maintaining a successful career or in the course of a full life.

Fundamentally, I guide all my clients into a position of congruence and alignment to help them enhance their own well-being and their endeavours for the greater good. In doing so, I enable them to be in the world more effectively. Whether they are leading a business, in the midst of a creative endeavour, or a new phase of life, they come to make even better decisions, advance their careers and find fulfilment in their lives and relationships. I am highly analytical as well as extraordinarily intuitive; as we work together my clients develop their own intuition, creativity and superior business and personal judgment.

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